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Elementary Attendance Area Rebalancing (Henry)

Benchley/Weinberger and Gage Elementary Schools in the 2023-24 School Year

APPROVED BY BOARD OF EDUCATION ON JANUARY 24, 2023 (Link to Board Documents). 


What is being proposed??

Attendance boundary revisions are proposed for Benchley/ Weinberger and Gage Elementary schools in the 2023-24 school year.  Specific sections of Gage’s attendance area will be reassigned to Benchley/Weinberger.  The middle or high school assignment will not change. Students remain in Pershing Middle and Henry High.

You may participate in this process by responding to the Survey linked at the bottom of this page. You may also view a one-page informational flier in English and Spanish.


Who is affected?

New students beginning in Fall 2023 will be subject to the new attendance areas.  Current students at either school are not required to change schools. Future students/siblings of current Gage students who live in the area of change may attend Gage under the “legacy” policy, as long as the older sibling is still at Gage at the same time.

why are these revisions being proposed?

These changes are necessary to rebalance the number of elementary age students living in each school’s area. Currently Gage has about four times as many students living in its attendance area as live in Benchley/Weinberger. This has resulted in overcrowding at Gage.  The proposed changes will result in more balanced student populations between the two school campuses.



All addresses on these streets will become part of Benchley/Weinberger's attendance area:

 Amber Lake Avenue
 Cowles Mountain Court
 Lake Albano Avenue  Lake Artemus Avenue
 Talisman Court 
 Anvil Lake Avenue
 Eagle Ridge Court
 Lake Alturas Avenue  Lake Ashwood Avenue
 Tommy Street
 Bantam Lake Avenue
 Eagle Ridge Drive
 Lake Arago Avenue 
 Lake Cayuga Drive  Wing Flight Court
 Bantam Lake Circle
 June Lake Drive
 Lake Aral Avenue  Mono Lake Drive
 Wing Span Drive
 Boon Lake Avenue
 Lake Alamor Avenue
 Lake Ariana Avenue  Soaring Drive


In addition, only the addresses listed below on these streets will become part of Benchley/Weinberger's attendance area:

 7900-8298 and 7901-8299 Beaver Lake Dr  7900-8398 and 8301-8399 Lake Adlon Drive   8300-8498 and 8301-8499 Lake Murray Blvd 
 8300-8698 and 8301-8699 Blue Lake Drive  8500-8610 and 8501-8609 Lake Angela Dr
 7600-7998 and 7801-8299 Navajo Road
 6400-6598 Boulder Lake Avenue  6400-6498 and 6401-6499 Lake Badin Ave
 7900-8298 and 7901-8299 San Carlos Drive
 6400-6698 and 6401-6639 Cowles Mtn. Blvd  6400-6498 and 6401-6499 Lake Kathleen Ave
 7850-7898 and 7851-7899 Tommy Drive 
 6200-6398 and 6201-6399 Jackson Drive  6400-6498 and 6401-6499 Lake Kathleen Ave

Below are two maps of the proposed revisions. The dotted red line is the area proposed to change from Gage to Benchley/Weinberger. The solid red lines are existing attendance areas. You may view PDFs of each map as well: Benchley/Weinberger and Gage.



Proposed Gage Area



How can i participate?

Please respond to this Survey to share your thoughts about the proposed revisions.

You may also email [email protected].  Thank you for your time.