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Transportation ID Card (Zpass)

The Transportation Student ID (ZPass) cards are used to provide student ID on the school bus for students assigned transportation service. Unlike school ID cards, the cards are not school or year specific. Only your student's ID and name are displayed. The cards are to be kept and used by your student each following year and from school to school as long as they remain eligible for transportation service. The card is not to be considered a bus pass and it does not guarantee your student is eligible to ride from year to year.

It is vital that your student uses their card each time boarding and exiting the bus. This lets us know not only who is riding the bus, but also when and where they got on/off the bus. An option for parents to access their students boarding and exiting the bus via the Parent Portal will be available soon. Data gathered from the use of these cards will be used to schedule routes more efficiently, improve service and determine continuing eligibility for transportation service at your school.

Please communicate the following to your student:

  • Use Transportation Student ID Card each day when boarding and exiting the school bus.
  • Do not share your card with other students.
  • The card may be scanned across or touched to the Card Reader on bus dashboard.
  • The Card Reader will beep when the card is read.
  • The Card Reader may read your Transportation Student ID Card even under clothing or when stored in a backpack. However, if the Reader is unable to do so, please be prepared to retrieve your card so you may board/exit the bus.
  • Notify the school bus driver and your school staff immediately if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Take care of your card and keep it in your possession at the end of the school year to use again for the next school year. *** (as long as you remain eligible for transportation service. The card does not guarantee future eligibility.)