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Suspension Appeal Process

With the Report on Suspension, information is provided to the student and parent or guardian about their right to appeal a suspension, along with information about the appeal process. All suspension appeals are handled by the district's Placement and Appeal Office, which must follow several steps to complete the appeal process:

  1. To initiate an appeal, the student or parent or guardian must contact the Placement and Appeal Office in writing within three weeks of the date of the suspension.
  2. The Placement and Appeal Office will mail to the student or parent/guardian the "Request for Suspension Appeal" form with instructions to complete and return the form so that it is received no later than three weeks after the first day of suspension. The appeal form may also be downloaded here in English or Spanish.
  3. The Placement and Appeal staff will use information provided on that form to determine whether or not the principal suspended the student properly and followed all applicable procedures. The staff will also consider the reasons the family feels the suspension was incorrect or inappropriate, and may contact the family and/or school staff to clarify information.
  4. Based on the information submitted or requested, the staff may make one of the following decisions regarding the suspension.

    • Uphold the suspension
    • Determine that the suspension was not within district guidelines, overturn the suspension, and order that all records and documents regarding the disciplinary proceeding be destroyed. No information regarding the suspension will be placed in the student's permanent record, or shared with anyone not directly involved in the proceedings.


  5. The Placement and Appeal staff will mail a copy of the decision to the student and/or parent or guardian within five days of issuing the decision. A copy of the decision is also mailed to the school principal.