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Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

The TUPE Program, funded by the TUPE Grant, is designed to raise awareness about the harmful physical, social, and environmental effects of tobacco use among our youth population; in addition, information is provided to staff and parents in an effort to help students process the information that they learn so that supportive efforts can be continually reinforced and maintained in social and school settings, as well as within the family structure.

Through a 3-year TUPE grant, San Diego Unified School District is able to provide the following services:

  • Tobacco prevention education

  • School-based events for teachers and students

  • Tobacco and vaping education curriculum

  • Student cessation services

  • Tobacco-free policy guidelines that exceed state requirements

  • Tobacco-free signage at all district-owned building entrances

  • Ongoing district support with policy and enforcement

Tobacco-Free Policies:

The following provides a list of comprehensive district-wide tobacco-free policies designed to protect students from exposure to all tobacco products, including vapes and chewing tobacco, while on-campus or at school events.

For Students, Staff and Visitors

For Students

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